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  • How it works

    Using a phone, tablet, or laptop, you take a journey of self discovery within an epic narrative featuring an entertaining collection of in-app quests.

    The way you respond triggers your unique set of data points which is collected and compiled to produce a high-resolution portrait of you.

    Finally, you receive your personal profile of strengths, traits, and talents - putting you on the path to success in education and career!

  • Why it's important

    Consider my immediate family and my eight nieces and nephews.

    • 8 have or are enrolled in college
    • 5 changed their declared major (4 changed it twice)
    • 4 graduated, 2 are in college, 2 quit prior to graduating
    • 3 of the 4 graduates are pursuing their majored course of study
    • 2 will take 5 years or more to graduate

    These statistics are by no means rare. In fact they are representative of the current college scene across the United States today.


    ACT, the organization that tests students for college readiness, found that only 40% of all students who were very sure of their planned major choice, in fact selected a major that was a good fit with their interests. An alarming 60% declared a major which they admitted might not be the right one for them. Roughly 62% indicated during registration that they need assistance in formalizing their best educational and occupational plans.


    These statistics point to the dire need to assist students with discovery of their strengths, traits and talents and then match each student’s unique personality type to best opportunities for success in education and career.


    Ten years ago we developed Drive Of Your Life, a pioneering, online, gamified, career exploration tool for 5th through 8th grade school students that to date has over 2 million users.


    Now, we see a tremendous need and opportunity for a personality profile and career assessment system for college-bound teens and young adults.


    By determining students overall traits using proven elements within academic, clinical, and organizational psychology, Formula Play helps students discover their unique personality inventory of strengths and talents. We assess and deliver both an accurate personality profile and a spot on inventory of matching career opportunities.


    Students benefit by obtaining the guidance they want and need. And with their unique personal profile inventory in hand, it becomes possible for students to chart the most promising course through college and into a successful and fulfilling career.


    This is why we created Formula Play.


    Thomas Krengel, Co-founder

  • What players say

    "I liked the game-like aspects."

    “The results match me so perfectly. Who needs a résumé? This defines me.”

    “It felt like a spiritual journey into myself.”

    "I liked finding out the type of person the assessment showed I am.”

    “The way these are worded makes you think realistically about how you’d handle something and made them interesting...”

    "Spot on!"

  • Our science makes us accurate

    We include the academic, clinical, and organizational psychology gold standard ‘Big Five’ – the five basic building blocks of personality, supported by a wealth of empirical research reaching back decades.

    The Big Five determine player's overall traits then further refinement takes place using the Holland Codes or the Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC), a theory of careers and vocational choice based upon personality types.



    Additional influences come from the science of the Myers–Briggs psychometric questionnaire which was designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The questionnaire was created by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers based on an extrapolation from the typological theories proposed by Carl Jung's 1921 book "Psychological Types".

    With these elements combined we are able to achieve a more accurate picture of each player's strengths, talents, and traits. The findings are remarkably accurate as witnessed by players' enthusiastic response to their assessed results.

    Our methodology makes us unique

    Unlike traditional assessments, we present users with an engaging, action-filled narrative. The story unfolds as users traverse through our tidy 35-question set.


    The narrative is a coming of age story, inspired by rites of passage journeys. This ties up to the theme of Formula Play: to find your place in life and become a productive member of society by way of identifying one’s passions, powers and potentials.


    The young men and women of an village are sent out to find their calling. This is crucial for the well-being of the tribe in general. Only if everyone knows where they belong, what their true calling is, can the tribe flourish and be socially and emotionally healthy.


    The tribe faces many environmental challenges and it cannot afford to have members who do not stand in their power, who neither know, nor are able to realize their potential. To know your calling is similar to knowing your animal spirit - a kind of practical magic.


    And it goes on from there into a very exciting narrative journey...

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  • "Jen"

    Jen is a high school junior and currently pretty unsure of what she'll do in the future.

    She searches online for career possibilities but nothing seems to fit.

    Friends have been texting about a personality profile app that helped them discover options they hadn't thought about. She reads reviews and likes what people are saying.

    Jen decides to find out for herself what all the buzz is about.

    She notices right away that this isn't a typical assessment.

    As promised, a short time after finishing, Jen promptly receives her results. In it is several sections describing her personality, and her unique inner traits, talents, and strengths!

    Then there's a section that describes the type of work environment she will enjoy and excel in followed by a list of actual careers and all perfectly matched to her personal inventory!

    Immediately Jen starts using her results to research and plan for college and career!

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